What it’s really like the first day of your yoga retreat

Chamundi Hill Palace Vew.jpgHey!

So it’s my first official day in India. I arrived yesterday morning and got to the retreat in time for lunch.

Before I go in to how great it all is, I wanted to share something with you first.

Last night, I cried for an embarrassingly long time and wondered if I could get an earlier flight home. I hadn’t even spent the night here yet.

Why am I telling you that I spent a tonne of money and time getting myself to India only to want to bail as soon as I got there? Because it’s real life. And sometimes I want people to be honest with me, rather than sugar coat this shit. (more…)

The India trip

Well hey there!

I’m working on a few actual posts but my main thing today is to let you know that next weekend I am embarking on a trip that has taken me five years to plan.

FYI – I haven’t actually been planning for five years, in the regular sense of working out where to go, how much it’s going to cost etc. No. I’m pretty good at actual planning.

Five things NEVER to do when you have a cold (unless you’re a superhuman freakazoid)

Five things NEVER to do when you have a cold (unless you’re a superhuman freakazoid)

So, surprise surprise, I succumbed to the lovely cold that’s been going around the whole of London over the last couple of weeks. To be fair,’succumbed’ is probably a bit strong (but what a lovely word it is…go on, say it…SAY IT!). More like I am sounding like a foghorn on a more regular basis than normal as I expel the disgusting crap that my nose seems to be making, whilst smelling like a eucalyptus tree.


How to practise mantra and mindfulness gracefully (& without coming off as a hippy freak in the process)

My mala

So, that moment when you hear your phone go (& know who it is cos only that person uses that generic IM app), scream ‘Yey’ out loud, to yourself, in an empty apartment and skip (yes – left foot up, hop, change and repeat – actually skip) in to the lounge to check your message, is the moment you know you’re in love.

Why did I just semi-admit that I reacted like a love-sick puppy to the thought of getting a message from another human being (hey, it might not have been me, I could have been talking about a ‘friend’ of mine)? Because not enough people know what that feels like.

And too many people know what it feels like to feel like crap because of another person.

So, that very short little snippet in to my world leads us, not so eloquently, in to the realms of mantra.

OK, so right now you have no freaking idea how me skipping = mantra but that’s OK, we’re making a link here. EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. (more…)

When it’s appropriate NOT to practise what you preach

When it’s appropriate NOT to practise what you preach

So I know I talk about mindfulness a lot on this blog, and rightly so, it’s great, but sometimes I get so frustrated with being mindful I need to break ranks and do something crazy.

Sometimes, lovely people, I like to dream. Sometimes being present is hard. Sometimes it’s easier to get absorbed in to my imagination and my dreams of the different versions of reality I’d like to live. (more…)

How to control your emotions (with birthday hilarity)

The guys at my old job sent me a giant flamingo balloon for my birthday!

As I sit in silence waiting for the raised voices to stop, I realise that they only seem to be getting louder. Why? Surely everyone knows if you’re in a shouting match with someone the best thing to do is speak quietly to calm the other person down so they have to focus on what you’re saying to hear you…don’t they?

Anyway, the shouting continued. Everyone getting more and more irate over something or another, starting to talk over each other, interrupting each other. Each person was in their own ‘trance’, not really listening to what the other person had to say, only desperate to get their own viewpoint across.

Want to know what this was all in aid of? This was my birthday dinner. I am now officially in the last year of my twenties. God help me. (the shouting wasn’t because of my birthday, just in case you were wondering, it started with something and ended with an argument over people interrupting each other – I couldn’t make this stuff up!) (more…)

Listening to your intuition

Listening to your intuition

The article below was written by me in 2011. It’s been sat in my drafts since then, gathering digital dust because I didn’t think it ‘went’ with my website or the hypnotherapy.

Those who visit often know I overhauled the site a few weeks ago because I didn’t feel I was doing or writing about what I was supposed to; my truth. I love the fact that I knew two years ago where I wanted to go, I just wasn’t ready, so I wrote what I wanted to publish, then published something more ‘in keeping’ with what I thought readers would want to read. I’m so glad I kept this draft – it reminds me how you should always follow your intuition, your journey will always end up where it is supposed to, with the right lessons learnt along the way.

Here goes – I hope you enjoy :-)

There are certain challenges that life throws at you and expects you to sink or swim. Like a test, to check you’re listening to you inner wisdom. Cos if you’re detached from your source, you can’t succeed for long – like a plant in a small basin of water, eventually living will suck all your energy and you will die. Wow. That sounds depressing doesn’t it?

When you are connected to your source however, like a kind gardener, your source will drip feed you every nutrient and moisture you need at just the right time. So you never have to want, worry or wonder, for everything you need is in abundance. This means that when the challenges come, you can face them with a clear head – intuitively knowing exactly what needs to be done and how to react. (more…)

Feeling overwhelmed

I wanted to write today about feeling overwhelmed. Why? Because that’s how I feel, probably more often than I should, and I wanted to let you know that that’s OK. Whilst feeling overwhelmed isn’t particularly healthy, it is natural and as long as you know how to deal with it and make yourself feel better, it’s actually not a bad idea to ‘sit with’ feeling overwhelmed to help you recognise what’s going on and why. (more…)

‘Oh God help me, I’m so angry / upset and I want to feel better!’ – The art of acceptance in modern day stress town

You don’t need to be a Buddhist monk to feel better about the bad stuff.

This week has been one of complete opposites for me – the good, the bad and the ugly. I pondered what to write about today for quite a while before I eventually settled on the concept of acceptance.

This week I had to accept the ending of something so incredibly precious to me, that I won’t be telling you about it here. I normally manage to share my entire life on these virtual pages but this one I’m keeping to myself (this is actually a separate story / lesson I’ll share next week…probably…if I don’t forget). (more…)

How to be 100% confident

How to be 100% confident

I went to one of my oldest friend’s wedding this weekend. I had to do a reading. In church. In front of everyone. The last time I went to church was at another wedding two years ago. 

It. Was. Scary.

I have no idea why I find public speaking scary. It doesn’t really bother me in theory but I’m pretty sure you could see my ass shaking in anticipation as I walked up the aisle to the pulpit, hoping to God I didn’t trip over my 5″ wedges and show my knickers to everyone. (more…)