‘Oh God help me, I’m so angry / upset and I want to feel better!’ – The art of acceptance in modern day stress town

You don’t need to be a Buddhist monk to feel better about the bad stuff.

This week has been one of complete opposites for me – the good, the bad and the ugly. I pondered what to write about today for quite a while before I eventually settled on the concept of acceptance.

This week I had to accept the ending of something so incredibly precious to me, that I won’t be telling you about it here. I normally manage to share my entire life on these virtual pages but this one I’m keeping to myself (this is actually a separate story / lesson I’ll share next week…probably…if I don’t forget). (more…)

How to be 100% confident

How to be 100% confident

I went to one of my oldest friend’s wedding this weekend. I had to do a reading. In church. In front of everyone. The last time I went to church was at another wedding two years ago. 

It. Was. Scary.

I have no idea why I find public speaking scary. It doesn’t really bother me in theory but I’m pretty sure you could see my ass shaking in anticipation as I walked up the aisle to the pulpit, hoping to God I didn’t trip over my 5″ wedges and show my knickers to everyone. (more…)

Why you should listen to your body about stress

Why you should listen to your body about stress

This weekend I have had the joy of spending the majority of my time in bed. This is the weekend where London hit 27C. Great.

As I write this I am lying in bed, it’s 6:30am on Sunday morning and it’s already 27C in my flat. Sounds amazing? Well actually I’d give quite a lot for a fan right now but that’s besides the point.

When was the last time you would say you were stressed?

How did you know?

What does stress look and feel like for you?

I always thought I had a pretty good handle on stress but when my body broke out in shingles for the second time in four weeks on Tuesday I realised that perhaps I had been ignoring the symptoms. (more…)

Why parental time is stressful (and how to deal with anger)

When was the last time you heard someone shout? 

When was the last time someone shouted at you?

I ask these questions because, as with most of the stuff I write on here, I didn’t just pluck it out of my backside, I found myself asking it of myself.

Turns out, I last heard someone shout or was shouted at the last time I saw my parents, when we went on holiday to Italy together last month. That is until this weekend, when I came back to my childhood home in North Wales to visit them again. Cue the shouting…

I live in the centre of one of the busiest cities in the world and have a super stressful job and the last time I heard someone shout I was supposed to be relaxing on holiday. (more…)

Ten questions to ask yourself to prepare for change

Only make changesAs I’m currently debating a few life changes coming up, I’ve started asking myself a few important questions. Some of these seem quite straight-forward but they do make you think about what’s really important and the why behind the change you’re considering.

As with all these sorts of questions, it’s best not to over-think them – go with your gut instinct and make a note of your answers. The answers may well spark other questions, go with them and see where they take you.

  • What one thing in your life could you not live without?
  • What do you really want to do but don’t think you ever will. 
  • What would you give up tomorrow if you could?
  • Why can’t you?
  • How many lists have you written about this change compared to what you’ve actually actioned?
  • What do you love about your life right now?
  • Who do you most rely on in your life?
  • Where do you find the most comfort? and the most support?
  • Who do you most admire to and why?
  • What’s the first step to making your change?

Take a deep breath.

Find your next step.

Take it.

Tell me what it is in the comments below (make yourself accountable).

Making a stand (even when it means losing business)

Making a stand (even when it means losing business)

This week I learned a valuable lesson, which I thought I’d learned quite some time ago – the art of saying no.

I think the universe sometimes decides I need to learn a lesson, then conspires to throw everything at me at once so I DEFINITELY learn it.

Here’s what happened this week: (more…)

Why I rewrote the website & being true to yourself

Why I rewrote the website & being true to yourself

Oh Hello!

How’s tricks?

I started writing a post this morning but just deleted about 300 words and decided to write this instead. The reason? I was falling in to the same trap I’ve been falling in and out of all year. I was writing about what I wanted to write about, rather than what you want to hear.

Having been truly inspired by a couple of new(ish) blogs this week (theuncagedlife.com & alexandrafranzen.com), I looked at my own website again. I tried to look at it as a visitor.

I hated what I saw and read.

I’ve been trying to write honestly and be real with you guys and instead I’ve done so much ‘research’ on how to write, my pages came across as fake and trying too hard. (more…)

How to hustle in a job you hate

Now, you may think I’m writing this out of some need to get off my chest that I hate my job. I actually don’t at this point. I actually quite like my job. As far as jobs go, it challenges me, gets me in to an environment where I meet cool people and gets me out of bed in the morning (not that I’m one to not get out of bed in the morning; I currently work 50hrs a week, see clients, and am completing a great course on Wordweaving by Trevor Silvester which will make me even more awesome at hypnotherapy (hey, you gotta be confident about what you charge people for!)).

I do however, know very well what it feels like to be in a job you hate, a job that you think if you have to go to one more day it will kill your soul and your boss will find you crumpled in a heap of skin at your desk, devoid of all emotion and intelligence. I have worked in stressful jobs where no-one seems to give a crap about you and boring jobs where they could literally pay a monkey to do your job (and they’d probably do it better than you at this point). (more…)

How to excel in a pressurised environment if you crumble under pressure (like me)

How to excel in a pressurised environment if you crumble under pressure (like me)

I want to share something with you I have never told my boss, and don’t often share with anyone in fact – I am not good under pressure. That’s a very definite statement and one I wouldn’t normally advise people use as it tends to become their identity and a self-fulfilling prophecy but I’m making an exception for this.

Wow – what an admission from someone in a highly pressurised job.

I decided to share that little gem with you for a number of reasons. Mainly that the world we work in seems to be getting a lot more stressy every day. People get ‘signed off’ with stress all the time and I for one, hate being under pressure. (more…)

What to do when you don’t have a holiday coming up

What to do when you don’t have a holiday coming up

This may seem like an odd thing to be writing about given I’ve just spent a wonderful week in Italy, but since I now don’t have anything planned until my trip to India in October, I am starting to get cabin fever already.

The problem with having a ‘secure’ job is that generally, your boss likes you to be there to, you know, work. That really puts paid to any idea of working from a beach or my hotel balcony like I have been doing the past week.

I figured since more and more people are going away less and less, either because they feel they can’t take the time away from work or they simply can’t afford it, I might share a few of my own tricks for feeling like you’ve had a holiday, even when you haven’t. (more…)